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Nine out of 10 people who fill out a network marketing application will fail to build a viable business. Among that number will be people who do not take action and people who build a business yet experience a true business collapse. The oft-quoted statistical allegedly from the Small Business Administration ... Read More
October 16, 2019TR8iT


Most people believe that Marketing and Advertising are the same thing. In truth - they are not! They sound similar but in reality they are not. What is known as advertising, is just a part of the whole game, which is marketing. Marketing includes the complete development of a brand, starting from ... Read More
March 6, 2019TR8iT
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As a small business owner, you most likely spend quite a large amount of time trying to discern new ways to gain customers. Marketing can be a fun or stressful business. They key is to understand the types of marketing. Instead of sending your marketing budget in many different directions, you ... Read More
September 14, 2018TR8iT
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There is no question that we live in the digital world and from this perspective; it is significant that your business has magnificent presence in the digital space. Internet marketing or digital marketing is the marketing future across the world with full of advantages as compared to traditional marketing. Here are ... Read More
September 7, 2018TR8iT
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Facebook has had a rough ride of late and there has been a lot of change on the platform, particularly for those of us who run advertising and marketing campaigns. One of the latest major changes to take place was recently announced on one of their blog posts and that is ... Read More
April 18, 2018Tim Lord
Goodbye to Google Adwords Review Extensions – Trait Media Ltd


2018 is a year full of change, what with the GDPR regulations and the hoops organisations are having to jump through, you would think at least you can rely on Google Adwords to ensure a steady stream of leads come your way. And just when you thought it was a great time ... Read More
January 11, 2018Tim Lord


Every year seems to bring a new set of marketing trends, those "can not miss" opportunities that scream out for attention. If we were to hop on every trend, we'd certainly grow dizzy from exhaustion. Nevertheless, there are some trends that we'd be fooling ourselves not to recognise. As we begin ... Read More
November 22, 2017Tim Lord
TR8 Media Ranking Number One On Google


Being #1 on Google. Isn't that every small business owner's dream? Ranking high in Google's search results is without a doubt one of the best ways to get traffic to your website and turn those visitors into customers. That's why making sure to focus on SEO as part of your digital ... Read More
November 10, 2017Tim Lord


Most people have heard of affiliate marketing, even if they have not actually started doing it. Affiliate marketing is basically referring people to various products and services around the internet. For each sale you generate through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. The size of the commission depends on ... Read More
November 1, 2017TR8iT


I am about to spill the beans to let you all know the real truths behind article marketing. How effective article marketing is - if at all? And the do's and don'ts of article marketing. A general definition of article marketing would be where you create an article on a topic that is ... Read More
October 13, 2017TR8iT