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Black Friday 2018

Here we are again - the Black Friday rush, a time where everyone goes crazy for those super saving discounts. Not wanting to disappoint, we are offering you the opportunity to secure a 50% discount on our regular packages for Web Development, Social Media Marketing and more. There are a limited number ... Leggi di più
Novembre 23, 2018Tim Lord


Le aziende di Fortune 500 alle startup utilizzano le applicazioni mobili per rivolgersi ai clienti, semplificare i loro processi, fornire un servizio o, sempre di più, come la spina dorsale della propria attività. Sebbene attualmente vi sia una forte spinta per il mobile-first (o anche solo per dispositivi mobili) all'interno ... Leggi di più
Ottobre 21, 2018TR8iT
website localisation


Culture and Website Localisation With the rise in ownership of computers and internet usage growing daily, the internet is fast becoming the primary port of call for information, shopping and services. In addition, those computer and internet users are increasingly from non-English speaking countries. At the end of 2002, it was ... Leggi di più
Aprile 3, 2017TR8iT
seo services you can’t live without


Some agencies specialise in only SEO or link building whereas other large consultancies can offer end-to-end packages from developing or redesigning your website to ongoing SEO maintenance. Here are five of the key SEO services that you should look for when evaluating online marketing agencies. Keyword research Creating your keyword portfolio is ... Leggi di più
Marzo 17, 2017TR8iT


In the digital age – data is everything and ensuring security of that data is of paramount importance to any business. You would think that security would be at the forefront of most businesses minds but for many small business owners, they rarely even consider it. Even big businesses can be complacent ... Leggi di più
Aprile 12, 2016Tim Lord


Today is international womens day, a day that celebrates the social, economic and political achievement of women around the globe. Getting ahead in business takes a lot of hard work and dedication and running your own business can be even tougher than ever in 2016 if you don’t have the right ... Leggi di più
Marzo 8, 2016Tim Lord


Even a small business needs to market themselves and for that you will require some money. How much should you set aside for advertising, marketing, print, industry membership fees etc? Sometimes when you get around to adding all these things up you will be surprised at the level of spending involved ... Leggi di più
Marzo 3, 2016Tim Lord
2016 goals – New Year resolution concept – text in vintage lette


Whatever the size of your company, from micro business to large corporation – a website and online presence are essential tools. Just having a good-looking site though is not enough and particularly in this day and age, your web presence needs to be driving your business and profits forwards and ... Leggi di più
Gennaio 6, 2016Tim Lord


The growth of the internet has certainly changed the way businesses operate in recent times. Now, any organization looking to achieve success in this competitive industry must create a professionally designed website to promote their products and services. Not only do these websites attract thousands of customers each month, but ... Leggi di più
Settembre 14, 2015Tim Lord


On April 21st 2015, Google begins rolling out the most significant mobile algorithm change to date and it is going to be a major blow to anyone operating a website that is not prepared. The latest results are in that over 77% of web users in the US are now mobile. ... Leggi di più
Aprile 13, 2015Tim Lord