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Sometimes there is nothing else for it but to knuckle down and work as hard as you can….Sometimes it can be more beneficial to hire an experienced professional who can save you time and money.

TR8 Media are experienced media professionals, working internationally on projects ranging from corporate video production to broadcast TV and animated 3D projects.

Our consultancy and project management core can run web teams and marketing campaigns to suit your companies’ needs and requirements.

We can advise and assist on all aspects of media production, editing and everything that goes along with it – from location and lighting to the right kind of equipment and setup to actors, voiceovers and delivery. Once the product is finished we can also help get it in front of the right people.

Whether you need our services for just one day or you are looking at a longer term engagement, TR8 Media will provide you with professional, concise and up to date advice and guidance to get you started off on the right foot.

We can then take a step back and let your in-house team take over, or we can help to run the project.

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