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The internet is not just about the big companies taking over as it used to be – the large nationals used to be able to dominate the internet as due to the high cost of advertising, it was not affordable for the smaller business.

Things have changed considerably and there has never been a better time than 2021 to take advantage of this opportunity for small businesses.

Out of the billions of searches performed every day on the internet, over 43% are for local goods and services and in 2016 the inevitable happened and mobile overtook the desktop as the primary device used to access websites.

Google have released numerous updates since which have essentially been local search updates which have switched things around in terms of the way local listings are displayed in the search results.

In short – staying on top of local listings for your business is imperative if you want to be seen online in 2021. You need to have a functional mobile website and social presence that is well optimised and marketed the right way for the SEO landscape of 2021.

Local Marketing Services | TR8 Media

Google Maps

Google maps is a powerful user friendly technology service provided by Google. The service delivers local business information including the location and directions to the business, contact information and reviews. Further information such as opening hours, interior and exterior pictures and videos can also be provided. Our in house team will help claim, setup and optimise your Google Maps listing as well as integrate this with your other marketing channels.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

If you happen to be a hairdresser in Newquay then it is highly unlikely that someone from Birmingham will travel to you to have their roots done!

We look at local traffic, people who are interested in sourcing local products and services in a given location

Local Advertising PPC

Geo-targeted pay per click (PPC) campaigns have become very popular and increasingly effective. These work by displaying advertisements to geographically relevant traffic and people. Our trained marketers are proficient in Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts, Instagram Adverts, Twitter adverts and LinkedIn advertising. Most businesses will find PPC to be far more effective than traditional newspaper of magazine advertising and give a much better return on investment (ROI).

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