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Research shows that the average person performs 129 searches per month via the internet but very little research has been done that shows how peoples choices differ when it comes to phrasing and forming those search queries. A new research study by Blue Nile Research has recently explored the psychology of ... Read More
June 3, 2015Tim Lord


The challenge for any business in 2015 is how to maximise return on investment by deploying the available budget in the most effective way. Regardless of what product or service you are offering, the constant need for new customers, fresh leads and more traffic is the same for all online businesses ... Read More
January 8, 2015Tim Lord


If you are thinking of expanding your business on the internet and wondering how to get to the top of the search results for keywords that matter to you...then Google Adwords could help you do this by targeting your adverts specifically to the people that are most likely to be ... Read More
August 4, 2014Tim Lord